OCW Class Reflections 4/20/18

The S.T.A.R. Answer Format When an interviewer asks you, "tell me about something about yourself that is not on your resume." First, think about 2-5 strengths you embody. Then think about stories, experiences, or even testimonies that highlight them?: For example, initiator, organization, thoughtful, careful etc... Then think of a story that reflects either one, some,… Continue reading OCW Class Reflections 4/20/18


OCW Class Reflections 4/13/18

Writing Centers NEED to take account of Specific Learning Disabilities: Not having the appropriate setting or resources for people with disabilities can be detrimental to their Self-empowerment. Writing centers have to be sensitive and patient with these students.

OCW Class Reflections 3/23/18

Class Reading Reflections: POSTCOLONIALISM, ACCULTURATION, AND THE WRITING CENTER This reading describes how the postcolonial aftermath still plays out today, through minor pieces of evidence of cultural domination. Writing Center's must be aware of this because they don't want want a certain style of writing or culture of writing to dominate in the center. Or in academia in… Continue reading OCW Class Reflections 3/23/18

OCW Class Reflections 3/2/18

Brainstorming Solutions to problems coming up in Tutoring Sessions: Clients asking directly for Grammar help (from ESL students) Try to identify mother tongues, and if it causes re-occurring grammar/ sentence structures Make some grammar handouts to have available in the Writing Center. Clients asking if the information in their essays or lab reports is CORRECT. Remind them that… Continue reading OCW Class Reflections 3/2/18